Process and Energy Consultant

K K Parmar

Certified Energy Auditor

By Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India

Certified Lead Auditor

for ISO 50001/ ISO 9001/ ISO 14001/ OHSAS

We provide innovative solution by applying fundamental concepts for maximizing asset output to improve operational performance w.r.t. safety, quality, reliability, environmental and productivity

We train team to ensure sustained operation

We analyse revamp requirement critically for enhanced capacity/quality for zero to minimum investment to have quick payback.

Providing innovatively zero to optimum investment solutions for improving current/future process and energy performance



  • Aspen Plus/Aspen HYSYS modelling Petrochemical/ Refinery/ Fertilizer/ Fluorochemical processes

  • Thermal cracking (Cracker) model

  • Dynamic model for improved process control (Distillation)

  • Power and Steam network model

  • Statistical Model using analytics



Delivery Service Partner

  • As AspenTech Delivery Service Partner, we provide technical support for AspenTech software suite


  • Reducing energy use with operational parameter optimization

  • Increased process heat recovery

  • Reduced heat losses

  • Reduced fuel bill using Utility Optimizer Tool


Process Optimisation

Zero Investment

  • Improving the existing process performance with operational parameter optimisation and improved process control

  • Increased production/ Product quality improvement utilising available process equipments

  • Batch cycle time optimisation

  • Improved product/hydrocarbon recovery from waste

  • Improved safety and Reduced emission

Utility Optimisation

Zero Investment


  • Heat Exchanger network study for minimum utility consumption


Technology & Process Development

  • New Technology Development

  • New Process Development

Pinch Study


  • Training on Aspen software tools (Aspen Plus, HYSYS, EDR, Energy Analyser)

  • Pinch Study

  • BEE Energy Manager/Auditor Training

  • Training on statistical tools

  • Distillation

  • Heat Exchanger


Energy Assessment & Audit

  • Energy Performance Gap Assessment and Audit

  • Mandatory Energy Audit (BEE)

  • Measurement and verification Energy Audit (BEE)


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